Make Life Easy with These 10 Duct Tape Hacks

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It’s hard not to love duct tape. It's versatile, strong, and easy to use. Most of us have heard of some interesting uses for it, like the girl who made a prom dress entirely out of duct tape. But, there are also tons of ways to use duct tape to make your daily life a little easier. Below are 10 life hacks that call for duct tape.

1. Get rid of blisters and warts – Duct tape can be very helpful for feet. Apply it over irritated areas to keep blisters from forming. If a blister is already there, covering it with duct tape can keep debris out and help it heal. Some research suggests that it can also remove warts. Cover warts with the tape every day for six days and then gently rub them on the seventh day. Repeat this process until the wart is gone.

2. Get a grip on jars – Mason jars can be sealed so tightly that they seem impossible to open. Duct tape can help that. Tear off a six-inch strip and tape one side of it to the lid of the jar. Grab the other side and pull until the lid twists off.

3. Keep shoes from slipping – Are the soles of your shoes slippery because you wear them so often? Use duct tape to get a grip. Tear off strips and stick them to the bottom of your shoe to prevent slipping.

4. Patch a tent – Avid campers will enjoy duct tape’s versatility. Tents are expensive and getting a hole in one can ruin your camping trip. Use duct tape to seal it up. Tape over the hole on the outside for a waterproof patch. Add more on the inside for extra protection.

5. Waterproof your shoes – Use duct tape to help your favorite summer shoes hold up to winter weather. Wrap the bottom of your shoes to keep the moisture out. If you want to have completely waterproof kicks, wrap the tape around your entire shoe.

6. Hold your tires together – Tire punctures are a reason to worry, but duct tape can help you get to the next service station without having to get out the jack. Tape a few layers of duct tape over the puncture and slowly make your way to a tire repair shop. The tape may save you some money; new tires are much more expensive than patching old ones.

7. Improve your fitness – Duct tape can be used in all areas of the gym. Make a sandbag by stuffing a canvas bag with sand and duct taping the outside. For toned arms, hold two rolls of duct tape, one in each hand, out to your sides for as long as you can. If you enjoy boxing, tape small squares of duct tape onto a punching bag to improve accuracy.

8. Make labels – Write your plant names on duct tape and stick it on popsicle stick for your garden. Use it to clarify which is the flour and which is the sugar in your pantry. Duct tape is easy to write on and sticks on most surfaces; use it to label everything in your home.

9. Trap bugs – as winter approaches, bugs will try to seek the warmth of homes. Hang long strips of duct tape in your home to trap them. If they avoid the strips, wrap a paper plate in duct tape with the sticky side out and wave it through the air to catch them.

10. Make an emergency bandage – First aid kits aren’t always handy when cuts happen. Sterilize and apply fabric to the wound, then cover the area with duct tape.

Life can be unpredictable; use these duct tape life hacks for those moments. If you have a specific need for duct tape, or just want to have it around the house, contact us at Tapes & Technical Solutions. We are sure to satisfy all of your taping needs.